Our Philosophy



The Indus Hospital’s founding was inspired by the teachings of Islam. To give and to help others, to do all we can, and Allah would be our helper and protector; guiding us, aiding us and giving us triumph. The healthcare sector in Pakistan was always asking for such an endeavor, an institution that could commit to the task of improving the nation’s wellbeing and do so unobstructed. In doing so we have done our part and helped our fellow man to live a better life. This gives us back in turn, the prayers, the well wishes and the hopes of the destitute fulfilled; a reward in itself promising even more in turn from our Cherisher and Creator.


The Hospital is now a banner to rally around for all the people of the nation and the world at large, an effort that enjoins good. We promise to remain steadfast to our call, to provide quality care free of cost to all those in need. We intend to make and keep premium health care a basic human right and not a privilege. The Indus Hospital’s success thus far has been through a passionate team of individuals within and out of the institution giving their all. We have a means, through this hospital, before us to give the best to everyone; together we hope to reach that end of seeing everyone enjoy the gift of a healthy life. We invite all of you to join us in reaching across Pakistan, raising the standards of living through-out the country.


Around 70% of the patients at The Indus Hospital are treated through the Zakat we receive from our donors. An organized
with respect to Zakat eligibility.

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