What Makes Us Different


The Indus Hospital is a one of a kind institution in the country. We invite and encourage everyone to join hands in this noble endeavor that provides to those who cannot have. The Indus Hospital has a fully armed and still developing research and teaching wing, training the next generation to provide quality care and developing breakthroughs in medical research to combat increasingly resistant bacterial and viral infections. We stay ahead, taking advantage of technology, to make the venture completely paperless, doing our part to stay green and efficient.  The Indus Hospital tackles Pakistan’s health problems with its multi disciplinary staff to provide timely support to the many emergencies that arise daily.


The Hospital comprises of around 20 departments from Ophthalmology, Radiology, Dermatology, Urology, Orthopedics and trauma surgery, Pediatrics, Diabetes care, Dialyses centre, Nutritional services, Gastroenterology, and Nephrology. An outpatient clinic serves to filter patients from OPD to Hospital admittance. We cater to 1000+ outpatients (clinical) patients daily along with 30+ inpatient Hospital admittances. The Hospital is currently in Phase I of its expansion plan, a push that will take us to 996 beds by 2018 and 1800 beds by 2024, becoming the largest Hospital in Pakistan.


What make it stand apart are its unique features comprising of:

  • 100% Free of Cost healthcare services
  • Indiscriminate provision of healthcare
  • Cutting edge health delivery methods.
  • Indus Hospital Research Centre – IHRC
  • First Centralized Blood Centre-TIHBC
  • TB Outreach Program
  • International collaborations with globally recognized institutes.


How funds are allocated for patient treatment?

The Indus Hospital Hospital is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO); we receive funds from myriad of sources. The hospital receives grants from provincial and national government bodies. The Hospital is joined by various Philanthropic initiatives and trusts that support The Indus Hospital’s mission. We organize Fund raisers and events with celebrity guests to further advance our cause.

The Patient Welfare Department at TIH, which comprises of Shariah Board’s trained scholars, conducts an assessment of each patient as per Shariah guidelines to check for their zakat/donation eligibility. Likewise, funds from the respective account of TIH are allocated for the treatment.


Around 70% of the patients at The Indus Hospital are treated through the Zakat we receive from our donors. An organized
with respect to Zakat eligibility.

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