Our Services


Managed by a passionate team of local and expatriate health professionals who are all top notch in their respective fields, our facilities at The Indus Hospital include clinical services in the following areas:

Community Health Center
Consulting Clinics
In-patient Services
Day Care Services
Emergency Services
Critical Care
Invasive Cardiology
Physiotherapy Services
DOTS and DOTS Plus Programs (Directly Observed Therapy) for TB and DR TB
Clinical Laboratories
Pharmacy Services
Nutrition and Food Services
Continuing Medical Education (CME)

General filter clinics are conducted daily at The Indus Hospital Out-patient Filter Clinic, where walk-in patients are assessed free of charge. The patient is then referred according to his/her need to the concerned specialist clinic. Patients requiring urgent medical treatment are directly transferred to the Emergency Unit, where investigations and management are initiated immediately.

This is only the beginning…

The Indus Hospital has so far completed its first phase of development and has 4 more
stages planned ahead. Our long-term vision extends far beyond the framework of treatment and intervention to prevention, education and socio-economic development for a healthy and
sustainable Pakistan.