How We Started



It was back in 1986 when Karachi was hit by a bomb blast that the city faced the first emergency of its kind, causing the civil hospitals to be inundated with the injured in critical condition and on the brink of death. The hospital was unable to cope with the victims bought in, causing many doctors and hospital staff much distress. This event pushed health Industry professionals to band together and establish the PWA, a first in philanthropy in the health sector. The success of their first project encouraged these same individuals to come together again in 2005 and found a complete general Hospital.


They unanimously pledged their support to make a difference to the healthcare situation in Pakistan, and as their efforts came to fruition, The Indus Hospital officially began operations in the year 2007. It was the country’s first paperless and 100% cashless, state-of-the-art, tertiary care hospital. All medical services including high-end surgical procedures were not only provided indiscriminately to everyone in need, they are rendered absolutely Free of Cost with integrity as well.


Around 70% of the patients at The Indus Hospital are treated through the Zakat we receive from our donors. An organized
with respect to Zakat eligibility.

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