Clinical Departments



AKHTAR AZIZ KHAN Anesthesia & Pain Management Senior Consultant
MUHAMMAD IMRAN AHMED Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
MUHAMMAD RIAZ Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
SYED SAEED AHMED SHAH Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
SAEEDA HAIDER Anesthesia & Pain Management Senior Consultant
JATENDAR WADHWANI Anesthesia & Pain Management Consultant
SYED FARJAD SULTAN Anesthesia & Pain Management Consultant
MUHAMMAD KASHIF IQBAL Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
KASTOOR CHAND Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
HUSSAIN HASHIM Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
SIKANDAR ALI Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
SYED TALAL AHMED Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
MUHAMMAD NAVED Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
SARWAN KUMAR Anesthesia & Pain Management Specialist
ADEEL UR REHMAN Anesthesia & Pain Management Consultant
SAJID HAMEED DHAKAM Cardiology Senior Consultant
AHMED NOOR Cardiology Consultant
IMRAN IFTIKHAR Cardiology Consultant
ASADULLAH KUNDI Cardiology Senior Consultant
ABDUL BARI KHAN Cardiothoracic Surgery Senior Consultant
MUDASSIR IQBAL DAR Cardiothoracic Surgery Senior Consultant
YOUSUF MALIK Dermatology Junior Consultant
SYED ASIF HAFEEZ Diabetes & Endocrinology Specialist
GHAZANFAR SALEEM Emergency Medicine Consultant
SAIMA SALMAN JAFRI Emergency Medicine Consultant
HIBA ASHRAF Family Medicine and Community Health Consultant
NIDA ILYAS SHAMSI Family Medicine and Community Health Consultant
VIKRAM Family Medicine and Community Health Specialist
SANAM SHAH Family Medicine and Community Health Junior Consultant
SADAF BADI UZ ZAMAN Family Medicine and Community Health Specialist
SAEED AHMED Family Medicine and Community Health Specialist
NAUREEN KAZIM Family Medicine and Community Health Specialist
ARIF RASHEED SIDDIQUI Gastroenterology Senior Consultant
MUHAMMAD ALI TAJ Gastroenterology Consultant
WASEEM ALI General Surgery Senior Consultant
GHINA SHAMIM SHAMSI General Surgery Consultant
SAMA MUKHTAR General Surgery Junior Consultant
SHEERAZ. S. SIDDIQUI General Surgery Senior Consultant
IZZA HUSSAIN Hematology Clinical Consultant
NAEEM JABBAR Hematology Clinical Consultant
MEMON MUHAMMAD YOUSUF Imaging/Radiology Consultant
ZAREEN TAJ Imaging/Radiology Sonologist
NUZHAT IRFAN MALIK Imaging/Radiology Specialist
RAFEAH KHAN Imaging/Radiology Consultant
QAMRUS SALAM KHAN Imaging/Radiology Specialist
SHABANA AZIZ Imaging/Radiology Specialist
NAZISH FATIMA Imaging/Radiology Specialist
ABDUL RAZZAQUE Imaging/Radiology Sonologist
SALEHA KHAN Imaging/Radiology Sonologist
ALTAF AHMED Infection Control Senior Consultant
NASEEM SALAHUDDIN Infectious Diseases Senior Consultant
SAMREEN SARFRAZ Infectious Diseases Consultant
LUBNA ABBASI Internal Medicine Consultant
FIVZIA FAROOQ HEREKAR Internal Medicine Consultant
MUHAMMAD JUNAID PATEL Internal Medicine Senior Consultant
ERUM Internal Medicine Junior Consultant
ADEEL KHATRI Internal Medicine Junior Consultant
MAHESH KUMAR Lab/Cytogenetic Consultant
FATIMA MERAJ Lab/Hematology Consultant
NAUSHEEN YAQOOB Lab/Histopathology Senior Consultant
NAZIA KHURSHEED Lab/Microbiology Consultant
JUNAID IQBAL Lab/Molecular Biology Consultant
FATIMA ZEHRA Lab/Pathology Consultant
REHAN ALI Neonatal Medicine Senior Consultant
ASHAR ALAM Nephrology Senior Consultant
SHOUKAT MEMON Nephrology Consultant
FAHAD NASEEM KHAN Nephrology Junior Consultant
SAMIA SHUJA Obstetrics & Gynecology Senior Consultant
FARAH HAMEED Obstetrics & Gynecology Junior Consultant
AISHA SYED WALI Obstetrics & Gynecology Senior Consultant
SEEMA ZAFAR Obstetrics & Gynecology Junior Consultant
FERHAT UZAIR Obstetrics & Gynecology Junior Consultant
SHARDA DEVI Obstetrics & Gynecology Junior Consultant
FIZA ALI KHAN Obstetrics & Gynecology Junior Consultant
KHIZERA ANWAR Obstetrics & Gynecology Consultant
MUHAMMAD AMIN CHINOY Orthopedics Senior Consultant
MANSOOR ALI KHAN Orthopedics Senior Consultant
SYED KAMRAN AHMED Orthopedics Senior Consultant
ARSHAD JAMIL Orthopedics Consultant
SANTOSH KUMAR Orthopedics Junior Consultant
ANJUM NAVEED Otorhinolaryngology/ENT Senior Consultant
NABEEL HUMAYOUN Otorhinolaryngology/ENT Consultant
MUHAMMAD TARIQ JAMIL Pediatric Critical Care Consultant
ANWARUL HAQUE Pediatric Critical Care Senior Consultant
LUBNA SAMAD Pediatric General Surgery Senior Consultant
SOHAIL ASGHAR Pediatric General Surgery Consultant
HUMA FAIZ Pediatric General Surgery Junior Consultant
ABDUL BASIT Pediatric Medicine Specialist
UNAISA KAZI Pediatric Medicine Specialist
MUHAMMAD FAREEDUDDIN Pediatric Medicine Consultant
SABA LAILA ASLAM Pediatric Medicine Consultant
ARSHAD MAHMOOD Pediatric Medicine Senior Consultant
SABA SHAHID Pediatric Medicine Consultant
FARHANA AMANULLAH Pediatric Nephrology Senior Consultant
KISHWAR NADEEM Pediatric Oncology Specialist
SYED AHMER HAMID Pediatric Oncology Consultant
MUHAMMAD RAFIE RAZA Pediatric Oncology Consultant
M RAHIL KHAN Pediatric Oncology Consultant
SHAMVIL ASHRAF Pediatric Oncology Senior Consultant
SADIA MUHAMMAD Pediatric Oncology Junior Consultant
NIDA ZIA Pediatric Oncology Specialist
FAIZA REHMAN Pediatric Oncology Specialist
SADAF SAEED Plastics & Reconstructive Surgery Consultant
SOHAIL AKHTAR Pulmonology Senior Consultant
SYED ZAFAR ZAIDI Urology Senior Consultant
ANILA JAMSHED Urology Consultant
ABDUL HAFEEZ Urology Consultant
NIZAMUDDIN SHEIKH Urology Specialist
ZEESHAN ARSHAD Urology Junior Consultant
NAILA BAIG ANSARI Research Center Senior Consultant


Around 70% of the patients at The Indus Hospital are treated through the Zakat we receive from our donors. An organized
with respect to Zakat eligibility.

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